Ok everyone, its been a good while since my last release, so I am bringing you a Multi pack for CNC RA3!

Maps, LAN COOP Fix, and more!

Make sure you read one of the readme files, there are 3 types; README.txt, README.html, and README.nfo

Hope everyone likes it and a little thanks is good enough.


Forums are ready for Full public access.

Posted on 5:14 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

Refer to the previous post for the URL.

Forums Are Semi-Working.

Posted on 9:19 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64




Feel free to try them out anytime, I'm still working the kinks out but it should be workin good in no time, and the name is only for now until I get it done, Haha.

System Update

Posted on 5:53 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

Well, I've updated to Vista Ultimate, 64 bit of course...
Also, threw out my old 2 gigs of Ram, (I think they were bad, and out of warranty) and installed 4 gigs of Ram!

Also, new 320 Gig SATA Hard drive with a 16 mb cache.

I must say, this beast is quite fast, also, Crysis and Far Cry2 look awesome with DX10.

About my "Not-Being-Here-ism"

Posted on 5:47 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

Sorry, everyone, I have been really sick, I plan on making more posts very soon.

And again, I am still looking for more authors, if you're interested.

Spore..... LEAKED!

Posted on 1:40 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

That's right, the FULL COMPLETE VERSION of Spore has been leaked.

Pics for eye candy.

I'm sure The Torrents are gonna start rushing in.

SOURCE: http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?t=603042

How to Keep the RIAA/DRM guys off your tail.

Posted on 1:50 AM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

If you live in the United States, France, UK, you may be thinking that getting music and movies from ThePirateBay isn't such a great idea anymore.

Well, you're wrong. By taking these easy steps, you can protect your privacy from the prying eyes of RIAA/MPAA and the gov't. The result? No one will come knocking your door, or if they do, they won't have any proof.


  • Make sure you have a strong password for your login/encryption, a password like 'iruletheworld' won't do. "G7s&8bnu9#8vHU" will. If you can't remember it, write it somewhere and put it in a SAFE, HIDDEN location.
  • Get a good password here.


The way anti p2p guys find you is by entering the swarm themselves and logging the IP's, which are visible even if you enable encryption. The IP must be visible in order for the data packets to reach destination.

That's why the only true defense is encrypting all your hard disk, if and when they come, they won't be able to find any illegal stuff. Just an encrypted blob. The rest of the tips are just to minimize the risk of them coming after you.

Bittorrent Clients

  • Always try to use the latest version of your bittorrent client
  • Use popular and acknowledged clients (uTorrent, Transmission open source)
  • Force outgoing encryption, enable port randomization(optional), disable "Allow legacy connections"
  • (Optional) Try to get an invite to a private bittorent tracker. Check the net for those who don't keep logs. Usually anti p2p organization focus on open and very popular trackers such as ThePirateBay. Let's make it clear that they do in fact track private trackers, but in my tests I found less 'hostile' connections from Media Defender and the likes.

Block unwanted IP's

  • To block all connections from government, anti peer 2 peer organizations download Peer Guardian.
  • ips
  • Peer Guardian works by blocking all connections from blacklisted IP's known to be Government or Anti P2P. The blacklist updates frequently and is very effective in my tests.
  • PeerGuardian is Open Source and works with Windows XP


If your IP pops up as 'interesting' they will pay you a visit. Having everything encrypted is your advantage. Don't worry about NSA using their supercomputers to crack the encryption (as some alarmists say). They have better things to do.

  • Enable full drive encryption if possible.
  • Create a separate partition(recommended if you don't want full drive encryption) for your downloads and install True Crypt.
  • partition
  • True Crypt is a "free open source disk encryption utility for Windows Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux". It's easy to use, just follow the help files if you get stuck.
  • If you have Windows Vista and a TPM chip, enable Bitlocker encryption ; on Mac OS X you can use FileVault


  • If your wireless router supports this option, create a separate SSID and set it to Open. Anyone will be able to connect and you can't be liable(someone in the comments said this won't work in the US anymore).
  • For your general privacy enable WPA2 with TKIP security on your router, and also change the default admin password.
  • If you have Dynamic IP it's a good idea to restart your router every couple of days. You get a new IP address this way(someone in the comments said this only slows them down; if they are after you they WILL find you no matter what; let's just say you won't be transferring 30 GB on an IP but on 10 different IPs, who do you think they'll track down first?).
  • Avoid AT&T Internet service at all costs, they are known to work very close to the different security agencies and anti P2P organizations.
Bonus Tip:
People have suggested in the comments that using a VPN(a virtual encrypted private network) is the only way to can't track you. There are available commercial services like Relakks from our friends at The Pirate Bay.

Looking for Co-authors

Posted on 10:20 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

If you're interested, contact me at Camwi_003@hacksbycamwi.com


Lots of Free Software.

Posted on 4:31 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

This is a list of free software that I hope everyone can make use of.

Note: I did not make this list, I am simply posting it here because you guys might find it useful.
Source: Here

3D Graphics
3Delight Free - http://www.3delight.com/index.htm
Anim8or - http://www.anim8or.com/
Blender - http://www.blender3d.org/
Now3D - http://digilander.libero.it/giulios/Eng/homepage.htm
OpenFX - http://www.openfx.org
POV-Ray - http://www.povray.org/
Terragen - http://www.planetside.co.uk/terragen/
Toxic - http://www.toxicengine.org/
Wings 3D - http://www.wings3d.com/

Anti-Spam Programs
K9 - http://www.keir.net/k9.html
MailWasher- http://www.mailwasher.net/
POPFile - http://popfile.sourceforge.net/
SpamBayes - http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/
SpamPal - http://www.spampal.org/

Ad-aware - http://www.lavasoft.de/software/adaware/
Bazooka - http://www.kephyr.com/spywarescanner/index.html
Hijackthis - http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/downloads.html
Microsoft Defender (Beta 2) - http://www.microsoft.com/athome/secu...e/default.mspx
SpyBot Search & Destroy - http://spybot.safer-networking.de/
SpywareBlaster - http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html
WinPatrol - http://www.winpatrol.com/

AntiVir - http://www.free-av.com/
Avast - http://www.avast.com/i_idt_1018.html
AVG - http://free.grisoft.com/
BitDefender - http://www.bitdefender.com
ClamWin - http://www.clamwin.com/
CyberHawk - http://www.novatix.com/cyberhawk/ Beta

Audio Players
Billy - http://www.sheepfriends.com/?page=billy
CoolPlayer - http://coolplayer.sourceforge.net/
DeliPlayer. http://www.deliplayer.com/
Foobar 2000 - http://www.foobar2000.org/
iTunes - http://www.apple.com/itunes/
Jet Audio Basic - http://www.jetaudio.com/
Media Monkey - http://www.download.com/MediaMonkey/...ml?tag=lst-3-2
Musik - http://musik.berlios.de/
musikCube - http://www.musikcube.com/
QCD Player - http://www.quinnware.com/
Sonique - http://sonique.lycos.com/
Winamp - http://www.winamp.com/
XMPlay - http://www.un4seen.com/xmplay.html
Zinf - http://www.zinf.org/

Audio Tools
Audacity - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/
AudioShell - http://www.softpointer.com/AudioShell.htm
CDex - http://cdexos.sourceforge.net/
dBpowerAMP Music Converter - http://www.dbpoweramp.com/dmc.htm
EAC - http://www.exactaudiocopy.de/
Encounter 2003 - http://www.waschbusch.com/
GermaniXEncoder - http://www.germanixsoft.de/
K-MP3 - http://www.katarncorp.com/
KraMixer - http://www.kramware.com/
MP3 Book Helper - http://mp3bookhelper.sourceforge.net/
MP3 Tag - http://www.mp3tag.de/
mp3DirectCut - http://www.rz.uni-frankfurt.de/~pesch/
MP3Gain - http://www.geocities.com/mp3gain/
mp3Trim - http://www.logiccell.com/~mp3trim/
MusicBrainz - http://musicbrainz.org/
Rarewares - http://rarewares.hydrogenaudio.org/
SoundEngine Free - http://www.cycleof5th.com/en/index.htm
TagScanner - http://xdev.narod.ru/tagscan_e.htm
The GodFather - http://users.otenet.gr/~jtcliper/tgf/
TigoTago - http://www.tigotago.com/

CD/DVD Burning
Amazing CD & DVD Burner - http://www.npssoftware.com/freedvdbu...dvdburners.htm
Burn4Free - http://www.burn4free.com/
Burnatonce - http://www.burnatonce.com/
Burrrn - http://www.burrrn.net/
CDBurnerXP - http://www.cdburnerxp.se/
CDRDAO - http://cdrdao.sourceforge.net/
CDR Tools Frontend - http://demosten.com/cdrfe/
Deepburner - http://www.deepburner.com/
DVD Decrypter: http://www.dvddecrypter.com/
Easy Burning, DropCD & Audio CD - http://www.paehl.de/cdr

Checksum Utilities
fsum - http://www.slavasoft.com/fsum/
hksfv - http://www.big-o-software.com/products/hksfv/
md5sum - http://www.etree.org/md5com.html
md5summer - http://www.md5summer.org/

Compression / Decompression
7-zip - http://www.7-zip.org/
bzip2 - http://sources.redhat.com/bzip2/index.html
ExtractNow - http://www.extractnow.com/
FilZip - http://www.filzip.com/
Info-Zip - http://www.info-zip.org/
IZArc - http://www.florida.plus.com/izarc/
QuickZip - http://www.quickzip.org/
TUGZip - http://www.tugzip.com/
UPX - http://upx.sourceforge.net/
WinRar- http://www.rarlabs.com/
WinZip- http://www.winzip.com/
Zip&Go - http://www.handybits.com/zipngo.htm
Zipgenius - http://www.zipgenius.it/

Defrag Software
Defraggler - http://www.defraggler.com/
DIRMS & Buzzsaw - http://www.dirms.com/
IObit Smart Defrag- http://www.iobit.com
JkDefrag - http://www.kessels.com/Jkdefrag/

Desktop Enhancements
AveDesk - http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=17372
Blackbox - http://xoblite.net
CursorXP - http://www.stardock.com/products/cursorxp/download.html
Desktop Sidebar - http://www.desktopsidebar.com/
Glass2k - http://www.chime.tv/products/glass2k.shtml
Kapsules - http://kapsules.shellscape.org/
MobyDock - http://www.mobydock.com/
Panorama - http://www.ivory.org/panorama.html
Rainlendar - http://www.ipi.fi/~rainy/index.php?p...ect=rainlendar
Samurize - http://www.samurize.com/
SlickRun - http://www.bayden.com/SlickRun/
TaskSwitchXP --- - http://www.ntwind.com/taskswitchxp/
tclock2 - http://home.inreach.com/2tone/tclock2/tclock2.htm
Weather Watcher - http://www.singerscreations.com/
Widgets - http://widgets.yahoo.com/
WinRoll - http://www.palma.com.au/winroll/

Download Managers
Download Accelerator Manager (DAM) - http://www.tensons.com/products/down...eratormanager/
FlashGot - http://flashgot.net/
Free Download Manager - http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/
LeechGet - http://www.leechget.net/en/
Star Downloader - http://www.stardownloader.com/downloads.php
Sun Download Manager - http://www.sun.com/download/sdm/index.xml
wackget - http://millweed.com/projects/wackget/
wget - http://xoomer.virgilio.it/hherold/
WellGet - http://www.wellget.com/

DVD Players
Artisan DVD/DivX Player -
DivX - http://www.divx.com/
Zoom Player - http://www.soft32.com/download_80076.html

DVD Rippers
DVD Decrypter - http://www.dvddecrypter.org.uk/
DVD Shrink - http://www.dvdshrink.org/

Encryption and Data Security
Axcrypt - http://axcrypt.sourceforge.net/
Blowfish Advanced CS- http://web.bsn.ch/lasse/bfacs.htm
Cryptainer LE - http://www.download.com/Cryptainer-L...ml?tag=lst-6-4
Eraser - http://www.heidi.ie/eraser/default.php
File Shredder - http://www.sys-shield.com/fileshredder.htm
FineCrypt - http://www.download.com/FineCrypt/30...ml?tag=lst-6-5
KeePass - http://keepass.sourceforge.net/
GnuPG - http://www.gnupg.org/
PGP Freeware - http://www.pgp.com/products/freeware.html
PicoCrypt - http://picofactory.com/picocrypt.html
TrueCrypt - http://www.truecrypt.org/
WindowsCleaner - http://www.winnowsoft.com/internet-eraser.htm

File Managers
2xExplorer - http://netez.com/2xExplorer/
A43 - http://www.shawneelink.net/~bgmiller/
ExplorerXP - http://www.explorerxp.com
Gyula's Navigator - http://www.wanari.com/
JExplorer - http://home.megapass.co.kr/~woosjung/
MeeSoft Commander - http://meesoft.logicnet.dk/

File Repair and Recovery
PC Inspector File Recovery - http://www.pcinspector.de/file_recovery/UK/welcome.htm

COMODO Firewall Pro - http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.c..._firewall.html
Jetico Personal Firewall - http://www.jetico.com/index.htm#/jpfirewall.htm
Outpost Firewall (version 1 is free) - http://www.agnitum.com/download/outpost1.html
SoftPerfect Personal Firewall - http://www.softperfect.com/products/firewall/
Wyvern Firewall 2004 - http://www.wyvernworks.com/firewall.html
ZoneAlarm - http://www.zonealarm.com/store/conte...e_firewall.jsp

FTP Clients
CoreFTP - http://www.coreftp.com/
Filezilla - http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla
FTPSurfer - http://www.download.com/FTP-Surfer/3...ml?tag=lst-0-5
LeechFTP - http://stud.fh-heilbronn.de/~jdebis/...les/lftp13.zip
miFiles - http://www.simdata.com.au/mifiles.html
SmartFTP - http://www.smartftp.com/
WS_FTP - http://www.download.com/WS-FTP-----E...ml?tag=lst-0-6

FTP Servers
FileZilla - http://filezilla.sourceforge.net/
Golden FTP Server - http://www.goldenftpserver.com
GuildFTPD - http://www.guildftpd.com/
Quick 'n Easy FTP Server - http://www.pablovandermeer.nl/ftp_server.html
SlimFTPd - http://www.whitsoftdev.com/slimftpd
TYPSoft FTP Server - http://en.typsoft.com/
WarFTPD - http://www.jgaa.com/

HTML Editors
1st page 2000 - http://www.evrsoft.com/download.shtml
AceHTML - http://freeware.acehtml.com/download.html
Aracnophilia - http://www.arachnoid.com/arachnophilia/
HTML-Kit - http://www.chami.com/html-kit/
Matrix Y2K - http://www.crystalfibers.com/index.php?topicid=20
NVU - http://www.nvu.com/index.html
Selida - http://www.amaryllis.8m.com/
Trellian webPAGE - http://webpage.vendercom.com/
TSW WebCoder - http://www.tsware.net/

Image viewers
Ahaview - http://www.aha-soft.com/ahaview/ahaviewfree.exe
FastStone Image Viewer - http://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm
Irfanview - http://www.irfanview.com/
Picasa - http://www.picasa.com/content/download.php
SlowView - http://www.slowview.at/
XNView - http://www.xnview.com/

Instant Messenger
AMSN - http://amsn.sourceforge.net/index.php
Gaim - http://gaim.sourceforge.net/
Google Talk- http://www.google.com/talk/
IM2: http://www.im2.com
Mercury Messenger - http://www.mercury.to/
Pandion - http://www.pandion.be/
PSI - http://psi.affinix.com/
qip - http://www.qip.ru/
Skype - http://www.skype.com/
SIM - http://sim-icq.sourceforge.net/
TerraIM - http://terraim.sourceforge.net/
Trillian Basic - http://trillian.cc/downloads

Internet Explorer Front-Ends
AM Browser - http://www.ambrowser.com/
AOL Browser - http://beta.aol.com/projects/aolbrowser/
Avantbrowser - http://www.avantbrowser.com/
Maxthon - http://www.maxthon.com/
SlimBrowser - http://www.flashpeak.com/sbrowser/sbrowser.htm

IRC Clients
BersIRC - http://www.bersirc.com/
BitchX - http://bitchx.org/download.php
HydraIRC - http://www.hydrairc.com/
NodeIRC - http://node.sourceforge.net/
TinyIRC - http://www.tinyirc.net/
XChat - http://www.silverex.org/news/

Mail Programs
Foxmail - http://fox.foxmail.com.cn/english/
i.Scribe - http://www.memecode.com/
Mahogany Mail - http://mahogany.sourceforge.net/
Pegasus Mail - http://www.pmail.com/
PopTray - http://www.poptray.org/
Thunderbird - http://www.mozilla.org/projects/thunderbird/

Network Tools
CMDTime NTP Utility - http://www.softshape.com/download/
Ethereal Protocol Analyzer - http://www.ethereal.com/
Gencontrol - http://www.gensortium.com/products/gencontrol.html
hamachi - http://www.hamachi.cc/
NetMeter - http://readerror.gmxhome.de/
NetProfiles - http://netprofiles.danielmilner.com/
NMap - http://www.insecure.org/nmap/
Ntop - http://www.ntop.org
PingPlotter - http://www.pingplotter.com
PuTTY - http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty
RAS Graph & Stats - http://forum.flashfxp.com/showthread...;threadid=2400
RealVNC - http://www.realvnc.com/
TightVNC - http://www.tightvnc.org/
Ultr@VNC - http://ultravnc.sourceforge.net/
WinSCP - http://www.winscp.com/

Office Suite
602PC Suite free edition - http://www.software602.com/products/pcs/download.html
AbiWord - http://www.abiword.com/
OpenOffice.org - http://www.openoffice.org/
qjot - http://www.xtort.net/xtort/qjot.php

Operating Systems (Linux/Unix)
Debian GNU/Linux - http://www.debian.org
Fedora - http://fedora.redhat.com
Gentoo Linux - http://www.gentoo.org
Kubuntu/Ubuntu- http://www.ubuntu.com/
Mandriva Linux - http://www.mandriva.com
MEPIS Linux - http://www.mepis.org
Openwall GNU/*/Linux (OWL) - http://www.openwall.com/Owl/
Sante Fe Linux - http://www.santafelinux.com
Slackware Linux - http://www.slackware.com
SUSE Linux - http://www.suse.com
Yellow Dog Linux - http://www.terrasoftsolutions.com/

-CD Bootable OS's-
BartPE - http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/#download
Knoppix - http://www.knoppix.org/
Ultimate Boot CD for windows - http://www.ubcd4win.com/

the full list - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LiveCD

Partition Managers
Partition Resizer - http://zeleps.com/
Ranish Partition Manager - http://www.ranish.com/part/
TestDisk - http://www.cgsecurity.org/index.html?testdisk.html

PDF Utilities
CutePDF - http://www.cutepdf.com/Products/CutePDF/writer.asp
Foxit PDF Reader - http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/rd_intro.php
Free PDF - http://www.webxd.com/zipguy/frpdfdl.htm
Ghostscript/GSView - http://www.ghostscript.com/
PDF 995 - http://www.pdf995.com/
PDFCreator - http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/
PrimoPDF - http://www.primopdf.com/

Photo Manipulation and Image Design
ArtRage - http://www.ambientdesign.com/artrage.html
ColorPic - http://www.iconico.com/colorpic/
Deep Paint - http://www.download.com/Deep-Paint/3...ml?tag=lst-2-7
Delineate - http://delineate.sourceforge.net/
GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)- http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/stable.html
iIco - http://www.mintrasystems.com/world/p...uct.php?p=iico
JPEGCrops - http://ekot.dk/programmer/JPEGCrops/
Paint .NET - http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/paint.net/
Photo Plus 6 - http://www.freeserifsoftware.com/software/photoplus/
Pixia - http://www.ab.wakwak.com/~knight/
Pixie - http://www.nattyware.com/pixie.html
PhotoFiltre - http://www.photofiltre.com/
Sodipodi - http://www.sodipodi.com/
The Gimp - http://www.gimp.org/
Tuxpaint - http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/tuxpaint

ActivePerl - http://www.activestate.com/Products/ActivePerl
Crimson Editor - http://www.crimsoneditor.com/
Code::Blocks - http://www.codeblocks.org/
Context - http://www.context.cx/
Dev C++ - http://www.bloodshed.net/
Dev Pascal - http://www.bloodshed.net/
Digital Mars C++ - http://www.digitalmars.com/download/freecompiler.html
Eclipse - http://www.eclipse.org/
ExamDiff - http://www.prestosoft.com/ps.asp?page=edp_examdiff
Freepascal - http://www.freepascal.org/
JCreator LE - http://www.jcreator.com/download.htm
jEdit - http://www.jedit.org/
Metapad - http://www.liquidninja.com/metapad/
Notepad++ - http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htm
Notepad2 - http://www.flos-freeware.ch/
Open Watcom - http://www.openwatcom.org/
Pelles C - http://www.smorgasbordet.com/pellesc/index.htm
PHP Hypertext Parser - http://www.php.net/
Programmer's Notepad - http://www.pnotepad.org/
PSPad - http://www.pspad.com/
Python - http://www.python.org/
Ruby - http://www.dm4lab.to/~usa/ruby/index_en.html
SharpDevelop - http://www.icsharpcode.net/opensource/sd/
WinMerge - http://winmerge.org/

Pop-up Blockers
Google Toolbar - http://www.google.com/
NoAds - http://www.southbaypc.com/NoAds/
PopUp Stopper - http://www.panicware.com/product_psfree.html
Privoxy - http://www.privoxy.org/
Proxomitron - http://www.proxomitron.info/

RSS Readers
Ablion - http://www.fileheaven.com/Abilon/download/14059.htm
Feedreader - http://www.feedreader.com/
FireANT - http://www.antisnottv.net/
GreatNews - http://www.curiostudio.com/
RssBandit - http://www.rssbandit.org/
RSSOwl - http://www.rssowl.org/
RssReader - http://www.rssreader.com/
RSS Xpress - http://rssxpress.free.fr/en/?page=&idNews=
SharpReader - http://www.sharpreader.net/

System Information and Monitoring
CPU-Z - http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php
Everest - http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/B...t-program.html
Gkrellm - http://bill.nalens.com/
Motherboard monitor - http://www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=311
Sisoftware Sandra - http://www.download.com/SiSoftware-S...-10556571.html
SpeedFan - http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php
Sysmetrix - http://www.xymantix.com
WCPUID - http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA002.../download.html

Video Codecs
DivX Codec - http://www.divx.com/divx/?src=toptab...rom_/index.php
FFDSHOW - http://sourceforge.net/projects/ffdshow
MediaCoder - http://mediacoderhq.com/
XviD - http://www.xvid.org/

Video Players
AC3Filter - http://sourceforge.net/projects/ac3filter
BsPlayer - http://www.bsplayer.org/
Crystal Player - http://www.crystalplayer.com/index.php?page=downloads
Cygwin MPlayer - http://armory.nicewarrior.org/projects/cygmp/
DivX Player - http://www.divx.com/
MaximusDVD - http://www.maximusdvd.com/
Media Player Classic - http://sourceforge.net/project/showf...group_id=82303
VideoLan - http://www.videolan.org/

Video Tools
DVD Shrink - http://www.dvdshrink.org/
DScaler - http://deinterlace.sourceforge.net/
FlasKMPEG - http://www.flaskmpeg.net
GSpot - http://www.headbands.com/gspot/
VirtualDub - http://www.virtualdub.org/
VirtualDubMod - http://sourceforge.net/project/showf...group_id=65889
Zwei-Stein Video Editor - http://www.thugsatbay.com/software/index.html

Altec Multi-Purpose Speaker Review

Posted on 10:32 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

Wal-Mart Link

Ever seen these speakers at Walmart for 25-30 bucks? I bought a pair, and here's my review on them.

First off, theres 2 speakers, and a sub woofer, theres 3 knobs on one of the speakers, Volume, Bass, and Treble.

There's also a Headphone and Mic Jack on the same speaker, and the green/red combo cord to go with it.

Great High sounds
Available at local Wal-Mart's

So-called "Subwoofer" speaker is 4 inches and Paper.
Wasted space on speakers, could be made thinner.
Not sure if this is a con, but the speakers are very lightweight.

Bottom Line.
If you need some quick speakers, get them, the price is amazing for what you get.
I have my set in my bathroom for my iPod.

Or if you need them for a quick pc build, they are not bad at all.

Back From Vacation

Posted on 10:19 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

So, I'm back, finally.....

More Articles in good time.

I'm on vacation!

Posted on 11:11 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

For those of you that don't know, I'm on vacation. Currently using the neighbors internet that I cracked the wep key for.....

Google "Port Aransas" in texas of course, and you might see where I am,

Got to go, more info later.

Posted on 8:01 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

For those of you who don't know, Obsidian Conflict is one of a couple big coop mods on half life 2. This is about the patch however, not the mod, wanna learn about the mod? Basically they have new NPCs, new weapons, a customizable HUD and flashlight, as well as support for half life source through half life 2: episode 2.

Big changes:
-Now on the orange box.
-Fixed random crashes. At least I'm pretty sure they're all fixed. Go yell at the beta testers if you do find any.
-Custom model support.
-Ironsights. They serve no real purpose, just a fun little thing you can do.
-Alyxgun a usable weapon. (thanks to HL2:CTF for letting the team use that model)
-Merchant now is fully operational. (RE4 voice not included)
-Scripted weapons, fully usable with both normal people and NPCs.
-Lag compensation now makes firing accurately possible in the mist of combat.
-The ichthyosaur works now as a real enemy.
-Scripts for the entire half life 2 campaign, and most of the episodes. I think they also got half life source scripts working but not sure on that one.
-An inventory for small props (like keys)
-Boosting now works.
-A lot of new maps.

"After one and a half years, we have finally finished Obsidian Conflict version 1.3. There are lot of reasons for the many delays (real life, bugs popping out of nowhere, and the change to the Orange Box engine, which brought the mod back to a very broken stage and stifled our passion), but in the end we finally made it and we are proud to present you version 1.3, which is a gigantic step forward from the now-crippled version 1.23.
New features, new maps and the full Half-Life 2 and Episodes story playable in co-op is what you will get with 1.3. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the downloads section and get your copy today!"

NetTools - Powerful Network App

Posted on 12:19 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64


Net Tools is cutting-edge security and network monitoring software for the Internet and Local Area Networks, providing clients with the ability and confidence to meet the challenges of tomorrow's technology. Keeping pace with the industry trends, we offer professional tools that support the latest standards, protocols, software, and hardware for both wired and wireless networks. The main goal is the creation of high quality software. Net Tools is a very strong combination of network scanning, security, file, system, and administrator tools useful in diagnosing networks and monitoring your PC and computer's network connections for system administrators. Next to the essential core tools it includes a lot of extra valuable features. It’s a Swiss Army knife for everyone interested in a set of powerful network tools for everyday use. This all-in-one toolkit includes also a lot of handy file and system utilities next to the huge amount of network tools. The menus are fully configurable, so in this way you won’t get lost in the extremely large amount of essential tools. All the additional features will make this application a must have for all system administrators. There are numerous constructive and valuable applications included in Net Tools that can be used for a great amount of purposes. The latest version of Net Tools is hybrid; it means that it’s capable of working together with applications that are made and designed for Net Tools, so in this way more flexibility and user-friendliness is obtained. This software is designed for the Microsoft Windows OS (Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista). It’s entirely compatible and has thoroughly been tested on Windows XP. With the 175+ tools it is a great collection of useful tools for network users. The size of Net Tools 5.0.70 is approximately 25 Mb.

Here's a Massive List of whats included:

1) IP Address Scanner
2) IP Calculator
3) IP Converter
4) Port Listener
5) Port Scanner
6) Ping
7) NetStat (2 ways)
8) Trace Route (2 ways)
9) TCP/IP Configuration
10) Online - Offline Checker
11) Resolve Host & IP
12) Time Sync
13) Whois & MX Lookup
14) Connect0r
15) Connection Analysator and protector
16) Net Sender
17) E-mail seeker
18) Net Pager
19) Active and Passive port scanner
20) Spoofer
21) Hack Trapper
22) HTTP flooder (DoS)
23) Mass Website Visiter
24) Advanced Port Scanner
25) Trojan Hunter (Multi IP)
26) Port Connecter Tool
27) Advanced Spoofer
28) Advanced Anonymous E-mailer
29) Simple Anonymous E-mailer
30) Anonymous E-mailer with Attachment Support
31) Mass E-mailer
32) E-mail Bomber
33) E-mail Spoofer
34) Simple Port Scanner (fast)
35) Advanced Netstat Monitoring
36) X Pinger
37) Web Page Scanner
38) Fast Port Scanner
39) Deep Port Scanner
40) Fastest Host Scanner (UDP)
41) Get Header
42) Open Port Scanner
43) Multi Port Scanner
44) HTTP scanner (Open port 80 subnet scanner)
45) Multi Ping for Cisco Routers
46) TCP Packet Sniffer
47) UDP flooder
48) Resolve and Ping
49) Multi IP ping
50) File Dependency Sniffer
51) EXE-joiner (bind 2 files)
52) Encrypter
53) Advanced Encryption
54) File Difference Engine
55) File Comparasion
56) Mass File Renamer
57) Add Bytes to EXE
58) Variable Encryption
59) Simple File Encryption
60) ASCII to Binary (and Binary to ASCII)
61) Enigma
62) Password Unmasker
63) Credit Card Number Validate and Generate
64) Create Local HTTP Server
65) eXtreme UDP Flooder
66) Web Server Scanner
67) Force Reboot
68) Webpage Info Seeker
69) Bouncer
70) Advanced Packet Sniffer
71) IRC server creater
72) Connection Tester
73) Fake Mail Sender
74) Bandwidth Monitor
75) Remote Desktop Protocol Scanner
76) MX Query
77) Messenger Packet Sniffer
78) API Spy
79) DHCP Restart
80) File Merger
81) E-mail Extractor (crawler / harvester bot)
82) Open FTP Scanner
83) Advanced System Locker
84) Advanced System Information
85) CPU Monitor
86) Windows Startup Manager
87) Process Checker
88) IP String Collecter
89) Mass Auto-Emailer (Database mailer; Spammer)
90) Central Server (Base Server; Echo Server; Time Server; Telnet Server; HTTP Server; FTP Server)
91) Fishing Port Scanner (with named ports)
92) Mouse Record / Play Automation (Macro Tool)
93) Internet / LAN Messenger Chat (Server + Client)
94) Timer Shutdown/Restart/Log Off/Hibernate/Suspend/ Control
95) Hash MD5 Checker
96) Port Connect - Listen tool
97) Internet MAC Address Scanner (Multiple IP)
98) Connection Manager / Monitor
99) Direct Peer Connecter (Send/Receive files + chat)
100) Force Application Termination (against Viruses and Spyware)
101) Easy and Fast Screenshot Maker (also Web Hex Color Picker)
102) COM Detect and Test
103) Create Virtual Drives
104) URL Encoder
105) WEP/WPA Key Generator
106) Sniffer.NET
107) File Shredder
108) Local Access Enumerater
109) Steganographer (Art of hiding secret data in pictures)
110) Subnet Calculater
111) Domain to IP (DNS)
112) Get SNMP Variables
113) Internet Explorer Password Revealer
114) Advanced Multi Port Scanner
115) Port Identification List (+port scanner)
116) Get Quick Net Info
117) Get Remote MAC Address
118) Share Add
119) Net Wanderer
120) WhoIs Console
121) Cookies Analyser
122) Hide Secret Data In Files
123) Packet Generator
124) Secure File Splitting
125) My File Protection (Password Protect Files, File Injections)
126) Dynamic Switch Port Mapper
127) Internet Logger (Log URL)
128) Get Whois Servers
129) File Split&Merge
130) Hide Drive
131) Extract E-mails from Documents
132) Net Tools Mini (Client/Server, Scan, ICMP, Net Statistics, Interactive, Raw Packets, DNS, Whois, ARP, Computer's IP, Wake On LAN)
133) Hook Spy
134) Software Uninstaller
135) Tweak & Clean XP
136) Steganographic Random Byte Encryption
137) NetTools Notepad (encrypt your sensitive data)
138) File Encrypter/Decrypter
139) Quick Proxy Server
140) Connection Redirector (HTTP, IRC, ... All protocols supported)
141) Local E-mail Extractor
142) Recursive E-mail Extractor
143) Outlook Express E-mail Extractor
144) Telnet Client
145) Fast Ip Catcher
146) Monitor Host IP
147) FreeMAC (MAC Address Editor)
148) QuickFTP Server (+user accounts support)
149) NetTools Macro Recorder/Player (Keybord and Mouse Hook)
150) Network Protocol Analyzer
151) Steganographic Tools (Picture, Sounds, ZIP Compression and Misc Methods)
152) WebMirror (Website Ripper)
153) GeoLocate IP
154) Google PageRank Calculator
155) Google Link Crawler (Web Result Grabber)
156) Network Adapter Binder
157) Remote LAN PC Lister
158) Fast Sinusoidal Encryption
159) Software Scanner
160) Fast FTP Client
161) Network Traffic Analysis
162) Network Traffic Visualiser
163) Internet Protocol Scanner
164) Net Meter (Bandwidth Traffic Meter)
165) Net Configuration Switcher
166) Advanced System Hardware Info
167) Live System Information
168) Network Profiler
169) Network Browser
170) Quick Website Maker and Web Gallery Creator
171) Remote PC Shutdown
172) Serial Port Terminal
173) Standard Encryptor
174) Tray Minimizer
175) Extra Tools (nmap console & win32 version)

And many extra features and utilities are included in this package!



Convinced yet?

Download it HERE.

How to turn Firefox into a WebApp Assault Kit.

Posted on 3:51 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

By using some brilliant Firefox extensions you can turn your Firefox-install into a perfect web-application assault kit.

Sometimes I do freelance work as a web-developer and other times i pen-test web sites on request (as a part of my work). I have been doing this for some years now, and by now I’ve collected some Firefox extensions to make the pen-testing a little more enjoyable (read: easier).

So in this post I’m gonna list some Firefox extensions that I use for pen-testing web-applications. But mark my words, these extensions will not turn you into a security professional just because you use them; you will still need knowledge. With knowledge comes power and with great power comes great responsibility, remember that!

Listed in alphabetical order:

Add N Edit Cookies:
Add N Edit Cookies gives you the ability to easily alter, edit or delete cookies, you can’t imagine how many sites there are that uses cookie variables like ‘admin = 0′…

Cookie Watcher:
This little extension shows the value of a selected cookie in your statusbar, this makes it easier to see when or if a cookie changes and that makes it easier to “reverse engineer” it.

Extended Cookie Manager:
This has the same functionality as the popular extension NoScript, but for cookies!

Gives you the ability to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. (Client-side off course)

Did someone say switching proxies? This extension adds a small icon into your toolbar that shows the current proxy status and a drop down menu of proxies (which you manage in FP’s proxy-manager). It also gives you a nicer and more advanced proxy-manager!

A toolbar that helps you find and exploit SQL-injections.

Live HTTP Headers:
View the HTTP headers of a page requests while you are browsing, now you can ditch ettercap and ethereal ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hwireshark.

Modify Headers:
Did someone say HTTP Header Injection? This tool gives you the power you need to alter any header Firefox sends out, persistent or temporarily.

NoScript allows JavaScript, Java, Flash and any other plugins only for your trusted domain(s). Great for protecting yourself towards the authorities. (Yes, Java can reveal your real IP-number)

Control what gets sent as the HTTP-Referer on a per-site basis.

Tamper Data:
I love this extension; it gives you the ability to view and modify everything from headers to POST-requests sent from your browser. A must have in every web-application hackers toolkit!

User Agent Switcher:
Adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user-agent of the browser.

Note that many of these extensions does pretty much the same thing, but they complement each other.

FormatFactory - File Converter

Posted on 12:25 AM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

I haven't tried this yet but I am downloading this as i am typing.

FormatFactory is a multifunctional media converter.
Provides functions below:
Rip DVD to video file.
MP4 files support iPod/iPhone/PSP format.
Source files support RMVB.

FormatFactory's Feature:
1 support converting all popular video,audio,picture formats to others.
2 Repair damaged video and audio file.
3 Reducing Multimedia file size.
4 Support iphone,ipod multimedia file formats.
5 Picture converting supports Zoom,Rotate/Flip,tags.
6 DVD Ripper.

Get it here.
Right Click > Save.

Got a scratched Disk that won't play? Try GameCopyWorld!

Posted on 10:30 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64


Perfect example from a week or two ago from me,

Conner brought his computer over to my house to play some crysis and show off his video card, but his crysis disk was WAY scratched to hell.

I was getting patches for him as he was 3dmark-ing and once I got the latest one, I went over to game copy world, looked up crysis, and found one that would work (It was 32-bit though).

Sure enough, after replacing the crysis.exe it worked just fine

I HIGHLY recommend that you change the name of the original *.exe to something like "Crysis_OLD.exe" before you install the new one if it doesn't work for some reason.

Have fun (With out disks!)

HacksByCamwi.com Redirects!

Posted on 10:17 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

Ok, so the temporary index.html for HacksByCamwi.com will just redirect to here for now, until I get some other things done first.

Try it out.


System Update - Summer '08

Posted on 5:53 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

All kinds of new stuff...

(I have replaced the light bulb already.)

Bought a Domain.

Posted on 9:08 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

www.HacksByCamwi.com has been bought by me and I bought a web host, 300 Gigs Space, 3,000 Gigs Bandwith.

Also, Camwi_003@HacksByCamwi.com also goes to me.

Expect More website updates as time goes on.

My GCombat Minigun

Posted on 7:36 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

Needless to say, Its epic, Its easy if you don't know how to make one.

Windows XP Commands for cmd.exe

Posted on 4:44 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

ADDUSERS Add or list users to/from a CSV file
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ASSOC Change file extension associations
ASSOCIAT One step file association
AT Schedule a command to run at a later time
ATTRIB Change file attributes

BOOTCFG Edit Windows boot settings
BROWSTAT Get domain, browser and PDC info

CACLS Change file permissions
CALL Call one batch program from another
CD Change Directory - move to a specific Folder
CHANGE Change Terminal Server Session properties
CHKDSK Check Disk - check and repair disk problems
CHKNTFS Check the NTFS file system
CHOICE Accept keyboard input to a batch file
CIPHER Encrypt or Decrypt files/folders
CleanMgr Automated cleanup of Temp files, recycle bin
CLEARMEM Clear memory leaks
CLIP Copy STDIN to the Windows clipboard.
CLS Clear the screen
CLUSTER Windows Clustering
CMD Start a new CMD shell
COLOR Change colors of the CMD window
COMP Compare the contents of two files or sets of files
COMPACT Compress files or folders on an NTFS partition
COMPRESS Compress individual files on an NTFS partition
CON2PRT Connect or disconnect a Printer
CONVERT Convert a FAT drive to NTFS.
COPY Copy one or more files to another location
CSCcmd Client-side caching (Offline Files)
CSVDE Import or Export Active Directory data

DATE Display or set the date
Dcomcnfg DCOM Configuration Utility
DEFRAG Defragment hard drive
DEL Delete one or more files
DELPROF Delete NT user profiles
DELTREE Delete a folder and all subfolders
DevCon Device Manager Command Line Utility
DIR Display a list of files and folders
DIRUSE Display disk usage
DISKCOMP Compare the contents of two floppy disks
DISKCOPY Copy the contents of one floppy disk to another
DNSSTAT DNS Statistics
DOSKEY Edit command line, recall commands, and create macros
DSADD Add user (computer, group..) to active directory
DSQUERY List items in active directory
DSMOD Modify user (computer, group..) in active directory

ECHO Display message on screen
ENDLOCAL End localisation of environment changes in a batch file
ERASE Delete one or more files
EXIT Quit the CMD shell
EXPAND Uncompress files
EXTRACT Uncompress CAB files

FC Compare two files
FDISK Disk Format and partition
FIND Search for a text string in a file
FINDSTR Search for strings in files
FOR /F Loop command: against a set of files
FOR /F Loop command: against the results of another command
FOR Loop command: all options Files, Directory, List
FORFILES Batch process multiple files
FORMAT Format a disk
FREEDISK Check free disk space (in bytes)
FSUTIL File and Volume utilities
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FTYPE Display or modify file types used in file extension associations

GLOBAL Display membership of global groups
GOTO Direct a batch program to jump to a labelled line

HELP Online Help
HFNETCHK Network Security Hotfix Checker

IF Conditionally perform a command
IFMEMBER Is the current user in an NT Workgroup

KILL Remove a program from memory

LABEL Edit a disk label
LOCAL Display membership of local groups
LOGEVENT Write text to the NT event viewer.
LOGOFF Log a user off
LOGTIME Log the date and time in a file

MAPISEND Send email from the command line
MEM Display memory usage
MD Create new folders
MKLINK Create a symbolic link (linkd)
MODE Configure a system device
MORE Display output, one screen at a time
MOUNTVOL Manage a volume mount point
MOVE Move files from one folder to another
MOVEUSER Move a user from one domain to another
MSG Send a message
MSIEXEC Microsoft Windows Installer
MSINFO Windows NT diagnostics
MSTSC Terminal Server Connection (Remote Desktop Protocol)
MUNGE Find and Replace text within file(s)
MV Copy in-use files

Manage network resources
NETDOM Domain Manager
NETSH Configure network protocols
NETSVC Command-line Service Controller
NBTSTAT Display networking statistics (NetBIOS over TCP/IP)
NETSTAT Display networking statistics (TCP/IP)
NOW Display the current Date and Time
NSLOOKUP Name server lookup
NTBACKUP Backup folders to tape
NTRIGHTS Edit user account rights

PATH Display or set a search path for executable files
PATHPING Trace route plus network latency and packet loss
PAUSE Suspend processing of a batch file and display a message
PERMS Show permissions for a user
PERFMON Performance Monitor
PING Test a network connection
POPD Restore the previous value of the current directory saved by PUSHD
PORTQRY Display the status of ports and services
PRINT Print a text file
PRNCNFG Display, configure or rename a printer
PRNMNGR Add, delete, list printers set the default printer
PROMPT Change the command prompt
PsExec Execute process remotely
PsFile Show files opened remotely
PsGetSid Display the SID of a computer or a user
PsInfo List information about a system
PsKill Kill processes by name or process ID
PsList List detailed information about processes
PsLoggedOn Who's logged on (locally or via resource sharing)
PsLogList Event log records
PsPasswd Change account password
PsService View and control services
PsShutdown Shutdown or reboot a computer
PsSuspend Suspend processes
PUSHD Save and then change the current directory

QGREP Search file(s) for lines that match a given pattern.

RASDIAL Manage RAS connections
RASPHONE Manage RAS connections
RECOVER Recover a damaged file from a defective disk.
REG Registry: Read, Set, Export, Delete keys and values
REGEDIT Import or export registry settings
REGSVR32 Register or unregister a DLL
REGINI Change Registry Permissions
REM Record comments (remarks) in a batch file
REN Rename a file or files.
REPLACE Replace or update one file with another
RD Delete folder(s)
RDISK Create a Recovery Disk
RMTSHARE Share a folder or a printer
ROBOCOPY Robust File and Folder Copy
ROUTE Manipulate network routing tables
RUNAS Execute a program under a different user account
RUNDLL32 Run a DLL command (add/remove print connections)

SC Service Control
SCHTASKS Create or Edit Scheduled Tasks
SCLIST Display NT Services
ScriptIt Control GUI applications
SET Display, set, or remove environment variables
SETLOCAL Control the visibility of environment variables
SETX Set environment variables permanently
SHARE List or edit a file share or print share
SHIFT Shift the position of replaceable parameters in a batch file
SHORTCUT Create a windows shortcut (.LNK file)
SHOWGRPS List the NT Workgroups a user has joined
SHOWMBRS List the Users who are members of a Workgroup
SHUTDOWN Shutdown the computer
SLEEP Wait for x seconds
SOON Schedule a command to run in the near future
SORT Sort input
START Start a separate window to run a specified program or command
SU Switch User
SUBINACL Edit file and folder Permissions, Ownership and Domain
SUBST Associate a path with a drive letter
SYSTEMINFO List system configuration

TASKLIST List running applications and services
TIME Display or set the system time
TIMEOUT Delay processing of a batch file
TITLE Set the window title for a CMD.EXE session
TOUCH Change file timestamps
TRACERT Trace route to a remote host
TREE Graphical display of folder structure
TYPE Display the contents of a text file

USRSTAT List domain usernames and last login

VER Display version information
VERIFY Verify that files have been saved
VOL Display a disk label

WHERE Locate and display files in a directory tree
WHOAMI Output the current UserName and domain
WINDIFF Compare the contents of two files or sets of files
WINMSD Windows system diagnostics
WINMSDP Windows system diagnostics II
WMIC WMI Commands

XCACLS Change file permissions
XCOPY Copy files and folders

Big Valve Update.

Posted on 7:55 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

Updates for Portal, Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 and the Steam Client have all been released by Valve. The updates include:

    Portal and Half-Life 2: Episode 2
  • Added a new advanced video option that allows the user to easily change the field of view to any value they wish between 75 degrees and 90 degrees
  • Updated the particle rendering code and particle data files to make them compatible with the particle editor included in the Source SDK
    Team Fortress 2
  • Changed video options initialization to fix some HUD resolution problems in mods
  • Fixed crash issuing the last disguise command when not connected to a server
  • Fixed rare crash on exit
  • Fixed a couple of issues with gamestats reporting incorrect values
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed clients to crash servers
    Steam Client
  • Fixed input coordinates being off for the overlay in full screen OpenGL games on the secondary monitor
  • Fixed possible game overlay crash
  • Fixed incorrect reporting of app metadata
Restart your Steam Client to grab this set of updates.

My hard disk is broken! WHAT DO I DO?

Posted on 7:29 PM by gamei56


Ever had a broken hard disk? Bet you did.

Well if you ever happen to have one, just... NEVER go to those hard disk repairing laboratories unless your data is extremely important and your life depends on that data. Those labs are so expensive, your whole computer's value will not even match up to the price they charge you for data recovery.

Ok. Let's start off with the symptoms:

  • Frequent freezes
  • Stuck on Windows loading bar forever
  • Corrupt files
  • Blue screens (NOTE: the blue screen can be caused by many things, not only by the HDD)
  • Appear to be repartitioned and unformatted
Don't format your computer just yet. Even if you think all hope is lost for your data, there is still little hope. Try out steps first.
  1. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, take out your hard disk and shake it lightly. If you hear any metal clinging, then it's a good idea to just leave it alone, because it's probably broken and not fixable unless you give it to the hard disk repair laboratories.
  2. Try using a different cable for the hard disk.
  3. Run CHKDSK (short for microsoft checkdisk). It is a very useful tool and can fix your hard disk without having to do anything! Just know that running CHKDSK from the broken hard disk is a bad idea since your computer will probably hang during CHKDSK. The smartest way is either to run CHKDSK from the Windows Install Disk (recovery console) or move your hard disk to a different computer and run CHKDSK there.
  4. Try using a different third-party tool to recover your data. If it doesn't work... then I'm afraid there's not many choices left.
  5. Freeze the hard disk. Make SURE you put the hard disk in a waterproof bag and stick it in your normal freezer. Leave it for an hour and take it out. Let it warm to room temperature. Then put it in the computer and if it works, you just did a miracle. Quickly back up your data.
  6. Nothing's working... now. Try replacing the hard disk controller. This is a really extremely hard task. I'm not sure how to do this because I've never done it, but purchase a hard disk that is exactly the same to the hard disk. Remove the external PCB (the disk controller) on the broken hard disk and replace it with the new hard disk. Go easy with it- there's a high probability of breaking it.
If these steps aren't working, then I suggest you just give up on it unless those files are extremely high priority. It's really hard to recover data from a severely damaged hard disk... also costly as well.

If you happen to have any questions or if you happen to find something fascinating, then send me an email at gamei56@msn.com. I'd love to hear your stories.

Hello, my name is Monkey!

Posted on 7:10 PM by gamei56


My internet alias is Monkey, and I have been with the computer since I was 3. I have been interested with technology ever since I used Windows 3.1. I had a few Garry's Mod servers before, and Camwi happened to join. We became friends online and we played online with each other. He invited me to contribute on Hacks&tweaks By Camwi. So I accepted the invitation and, well, here I am.

I am part of a few development teams and a few communities. I am a part of the M&W RP development team and the C&C RP development team. M&W RP is a community that I made with a friend named Wolly. You probably figured out already that M&W RP stands for Monkey and Wolly's RP now. C&C RP stands for Command and Conquer Roleplay, and I haven't made this one. C&C RP seems to have interesting ideas before it formed, and I am good friends with the development team before C&CRP was thought of.

I am part of the FPBU community's management team- standing for Facepunch Builder's Union. It is a Garry's Mod Build community that was formed on August 2007. I hosted and did my best to keep a server alive for the community, but unfortunately I gave up on it since I could not afford a proper server for it anymore. Consisting of 253 members, it is probably the biggest build group in Garry's Mod. This is where I met Camwi.

School hasn't ended yet for me- I live in Canada. Cold, dry place. Long winters, long summers, we just skipped Spring. We have no natural disasters here. The worst I've seen when I got here after immigration is a tornado watch. Never hit.


Yes. I was an immigrant in Canada. I am actually from South Korea. Not a very well known country, but I guess you could know it since they almost won the last World Cup, and the current U.N. head is a Korean. But I am now holding a Canadian citizenship and resigned Korean citizenship. This is old news now though.

So! I look forward to post more. But right now, I won't be as active since my computer broke, and I am leaving to Korea very soon.

Thanks for reading, and best regards,