Hello, my name is Monkey!

Posted on 7:10 PM by gamei56


My internet alias is Monkey, and I have been with the computer since I was 3. I have been interested with technology ever since I used Windows 3.1. I had a few Garry's Mod servers before, and Camwi happened to join. We became friends online and we played online with each other. He invited me to contribute on Hacks&tweaks By Camwi. So I accepted the invitation and, well, here I am.

I am part of a few development teams and a few communities. I am a part of the M&W RP development team and the C&C RP development team. M&W RP is a community that I made with a friend named Wolly. You probably figured out already that M&W RP stands for Monkey and Wolly's RP now. C&C RP stands for Command and Conquer Roleplay, and I haven't made this one. C&C RP seems to have interesting ideas before it formed, and I am good friends with the development team before C&CRP was thought of.

I am part of the FPBU community's management team- standing for Facepunch Builder's Union. It is a Garry's Mod Build community that was formed on August 2007. I hosted and did my best to keep a server alive for the community, but unfortunately I gave up on it since I could not afford a proper server for it anymore. Consisting of 253 members, it is probably the biggest build group in Garry's Mod. This is where I met Camwi.

School hasn't ended yet for me- I live in Canada. Cold, dry place. Long winters, long summers, we just skipped Spring. We have no natural disasters here. The worst I've seen when I got here after immigration is a tornado watch. Never hit.


Yes. I was an immigrant in Canada. I am actually from South Korea. Not a very well known country, but I guess you could know it since they almost won the last World Cup, and the current U.N. head is a Korean. But I am now holding a Canadian citizenship and resigned Korean citizenship. This is old news now though.

So! I look forward to post more. But right now, I won't be as active since my computer broke, and I am leaving to Korea very soon.

Thanks for reading, and best regards,