Ok everyone, its been a good while since my last release, so I am bringing you a Multi pack for CNC RA3!

Maps, LAN COOP Fix, and more!

Make sure you read one of the readme files, there are 3 types; README.txt, README.html, and README.nfo

Hope everyone likes it and a little thanks is good enough.


Forums are ready for Full public access.

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Refer to the previous post for the URL.

Forums Are Semi-Working.

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Feel free to try them out anytime, I'm still working the kinks out but it should be workin good in no time, and the name is only for now until I get it done, Haha.

System Update

Posted on 5:53 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

Well, I've updated to Vista Ultimate, 64 bit of course...
Also, threw out my old 2 gigs of Ram, (I think they were bad, and out of warranty) and installed 4 gigs of Ram!

Also, new 320 Gig SATA Hard drive with a 16 mb cache.

I must say, this beast is quite fast, also, Crysis and Far Cry2 look awesome with DX10.

About my "Not-Being-Here-ism"

Posted on 5:47 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

Sorry, everyone, I have been really sick, I plan on making more posts very soon.

And again, I am still looking for more authors, if you're interested.