Altec Multi-Purpose Speaker Review

Posted on 10:32 PM by \\Camwi_003.exe*64

Wal-Mart Link

Ever seen these speakers at Walmart for 25-30 bucks? I bought a pair, and here's my review on them.

First off, theres 2 speakers, and a sub woofer, theres 3 knobs on one of the speakers, Volume, Bass, and Treble.

There's also a Headphone and Mic Jack on the same speaker, and the green/red combo cord to go with it.

Great High sounds
Available at local Wal-Mart's

So-called "Subwoofer" speaker is 4 inches and Paper.
Wasted space on speakers, could be made thinner.
Not sure if this is a con, but the speakers are very lightweight.

Bottom Line.
If you need some quick speakers, get them, the price is amazing for what you get.
I have my set in my bathroom for my iPod.

Or if you need them for a quick pc build, they are not bad at all.